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10 Coins = 0.05 Euro

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Earn money for: opening websites, clicking Like it, Follow, watching video

How to Earn Money:

  1. Each task you perform on the site earns you a certain amount of points.
  2. You will look at the task available and choose the tasks you’d like to complete.
  3. On Facebook, you can earn points for liking pages, photos, and websites.
  4. For Twitter, you’ll need to follow a person to earn points.
  5. If you have a YouTube account you can earn points viewing and liking videos.
  6. With Google, you’ll be able to earn points with Google Profiles, Google buzz, Sparks, Hangouts, and Circles. Furthermore, you can earn points on Google for hitting Google Plus on certain accounts.
  7. You can also earn from StumbleUpon by sharing your website pages with the members on the site. This will help you receive important backlinks to your site.
  8. There are other ways to earn points from Instagram, Pinterest, and SoundCloud Exchange

Bonus Program:

The site now has a bonus program for each website user. Every day you will receive additional rewards. How to get extra coins on the site:

  • after logging in and completing 1 task you will receive 20 coins every day
  • If you have completed 500 tasks, you must do one task every day and you will receive 80 coins
  • If you have completed 2,000 tasks, you must do one task every day and you will receive 150 coins
  • VIP users get 2 times as many coins 40, 160, 300
  • ok, you get a max bonus of 1.5 euros every day for completing one task (one task lasts 1-30 seconds)

Exchange Coins to Money:

  • At any time, you can exchange coins for money

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